Polyphonic audio to midi

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I believe I saw a studio one video where they had an Audio example, and the DAW was able to tell that it was a G minor chord.

This is essentially what reasons audio to midi function does. But reason does it better with pluck sounds and monophonic lines. I’d love to see what chords my favorite artists use

This would be very helpful to deconstruct sayyyy trance songs.

Iv found that making a polyphonic supersaw patch is only half of the battle
Supersaw sounds can generally only sound as good as the music that they are being played (for the most part).
Listen to tiesto or kshmr for examples of great uses of supersaw chord progressions

So with that being said, it would be cool to see Reason get this feature to help with the further understanding of music production:)
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If you open up the audio clip in "note edit" mode before dragging it to an instrument/MIDI track, Reason will do it's best interpretation of the audio clip and provide a polyphonic MIDI clip as a result. Is this what you are talking about?

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