Upgrade Block Mode To Be A Player Device

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Post 18 Jun 2018

Give Block mode its own companion rack device that allows each saved block to be selectable via an automatable parameter.
Also give Block mode's rack device the ability to be triggered from the sequencer with mappable control over internal playhead position at trigger start.

Block mode would remain an editing function but be expanded to allow for live launching of entire arrangements, not just clips.
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Post 04 Jan 2019

+1 - I've been thinking of ways that Block mode could be updated to function along the lines of Session mode in Ableton

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Post 23 Jan 2019

I also thought a lot about it. In my opinion, this will be a great solution. I would like to create different blocks and then play them (toggle) using midi and thus create arrangements. That would be great. :thumbs_up:
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Post 23 Jan 2019

Put a random CV generator in there so you get a different arrangement every time.
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