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WASAPI is mircosoft's build in ASIO driver pendant and it works well in other DAWs like Bitwig, Reaper etc. It has low latency and you can run parallel audiostreams from your browser and so on. So my wish is WASAPI in one of the next Reason updates.
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+100 Apple change their OS and break application support on almost every new release and the Props fall over themselves in a panic to support it because the media hipsters love Apple . Three years ago Microsoft finally made a half effort to offer low latency multi client drivers for real people on windows still and no sign of support. Even high end USB mics don't work with Reason, and as far as i understand they don't officially support any built in windows sound drivers. I think i could make a reasonable case that windows isn't fully supported in Reason without the addition of expensive third party hardware. Asio4all is a clunky workaround. The Laptop/ Tablet PC vendors need a boot up the backside as well for not offering a bundled Asio interface or arriving at a usable portable audio solution instead of adding flashing lights and fake surround to impress gaming fanboys. I dont understand why i can get a USB powered skype headset with built in AD/DA processor the size of two matches for $10 and an ASIO interface costs at least a $100 and is the size of a fireplace.

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Here I are to necromancy this thread. WASAPI would be a huge improvement for those working with multiple audio devices! Too many workarounds...

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I'm really glad to see a new low latency, robust audio driver standard for Windows 10. That sounds awesome. Hopefully support for WASAPI will continue to broaden so that users won't have to lean on 3rd party solutions as much. If it can be as dependable as CoreAudio that'd be fantastic.

Oh, and Apple is the exact opposite of "hipster". It's one of the most popular, well known brands in the world. :lol: Linux perhaps... running on a Raspberry Pi! Well hmm... even that might not be obscure enough.

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WASPI would definitely be a nice addition, and long overdue.

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Made me think of this...


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Made me think of this:


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Oh yeah, I use that in Audacity to record samples from You Tube.

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