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Post 11 Dec 2017

It's been great being able to add devices to Favorites lists, but still a bit clunky as I can't group or divide my favorites lists. They can't be assigned new icons. Maybe even just folders for favorites lists would help?

For dividers, I could create empty folders, such as "Instruments," and make the folder image the same background as the browser. But instead I've been labeling my favorites as such:

* Instruments - Piano
* Instruments - Strings
* Effects - Delay
etc. Since I do everything alphabetically and would like to keep types of devices separate.

But wouldn't it be great if the Instruments, Effects, and Utilities sections in the Browser had sub-groups based on tags? And those tags by default could be based on the tags given in the shop (and could then maybe be edited by the user). So if you want to separate EQ & Filtering into two different groups, you could.


You could still click on the 'home folders,' for instance, to view all of the Effects as you do now. Or you can click the expand arrow to see the categories within and select from those. This could also be mirrored in the create menu.
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Post 11 Dec 2017

Yes i like it!

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Post 12 Dec 2017

You had me at "based on tags"!

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Post 12 Dec 2017

The whole idea reminds me of "intelligent folders" or "rules" in mail apps where you can group entries by given attributes.

Nice! :thumbs_up: Would at least require nested folders on the 1st level (left pane) of the browser.

And while we are at it: some choice of assorted icons for each group/folder would be nice.

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