Full MPE support (Roli users unite!)

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Post 24 May 2022

littlejam wrote:
24 May 2022

@ gkillmaster

if you get the time and have interest
i would love to know what daw you use
and what MPE plugins you use

another user posted the same kinda info earlier in the thread
but your info would also be interesting

i so want to use MPE


Hi littlejam,

I use Bitwig almost exclusively.

Geert Bevin released this really cool MPE recorder app called MIDI Tape Recorder. It's free and it's here:
It works great with IOS stuff and in Logic on Mac but is Auv3 so won't run in Bitwig, but it's great for
having a 4 track MPE recorder to sketch with.

Some MPE synths I use are Tone2 Icarus, Madrona Labs Aalto and Virta, Vital Audio Vital, Spacecraft, PPG Wavemapper 2 (though this hasn't been updated for years and sometimes it will work but most of the time not depending on the OS version), Newfangled Audio Generate, Arturia Pigments and Unfiltered Audio Lion (which I haven't used much yet)

But the 2 I use most are Equator and Rhizomatic Plasmonic. Personally I find that the MPE implementation does seem to matter and Plasmonic and Equator are just so easy to understand what I'm modulating MPE-wise.

And there are a ton of really great IOS MPE synths as well.

Here's a good resource for knowing what synths had adopted MPE:
https://www.rogerlinndesign.com/support ... ded-sounds

The fact that the 5 axis of modulation are per note for me makes a huge difference in my expression using the keyboard. It's really hard to go back to the regular stuff now. But then again, most of the stuff I record is improvisation.

Hope this might help.


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