Full MPE support (Roli users unite!)

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 27 Nov 2018

Here's a Google Drive with an init patch and some quick sounds in it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BnD-r ... 8H6nN-2sa0

In addition to disabling the dedicated MPE channel, you need to set the number of used channels on your controller to match the number you've put in your rack.

And since we are only almost MPE, you will need to switch your controller to send it's Timbre/Y-axis as Expression, aka CC 11 (for the sake of my patches, though we can also use breath).

Okay, we are not fully MPE. But we also don't get full 5D because release velocity is unavailable. However, what we do have is available per-voice, allowing for some interesting potentials in per-voice distortion and other effects.

For that purpose, the init patch comes with Expression routed to CV1 and Aftertouch routed to CV2.

Additional pre-routings: Expression goes to engine 1 and 2 shape and Aftertouch goes to Filter Cutoff and Drive.

PS. The Init patch isn't meant to sound good :)

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Anybody try this yet? Were my instructions confusing? Should I make a video to explain it?

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Yes, a video explanation would be welcomed! Much appreciated! I’m with you on this one.......a little expressiveness is better than none!

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Lets wake this thread up again :D

Roli Blocks and Seaboard user here who would love to get everything out of his beloved hardware WITHIN his favorited DAW , Reason that is :lol: :lol:
Its a real shame that so far i have to use a DAW i dont really like just for the sake of being able to take advantage of all the functionality of midi-hardware ;)

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I have been awaiting Mpe patiently since 2016. 3 years go by, and still not even a mention of MPE support. I’m wondering if it’s ever going to happen. I know there are a lot of other features that need attention, I get it. But the possibility of automation real time using gestures is just so intoxicating. I’m so torn. I purchased the Rise 49 for almost 1100 dollars in hopes we were a year or closer. I feel like Rolis beta tester. So far only Logic has roll implementation and let’s face it, Logic is nice, but the hardware required to run it has me frustrated. I never thought I would sell the Seaboard, but what good is it, when I can’t even record with it? Please for the love of Pete.......is someone at PH working on implementing MPE?

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I want so bad mpe on reason! +10!!!

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i just found this thread and wanted to say something to keep up with it

anyone with an MPE instrument linn / rolli care to comment on performance in Reason 10

vsts that are MPE aware: serum, surge, omnisphere, some u-he stuff...

and what other DAW you may be using to really get a whack at MPE


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littlejam wrote:
22 Feb 2020
and what other DAW you may be using to really get a whack at MPE
For MPE stuff, I use Cocos Reaper. I chose it because it is cheap, yet extremely powerful and flexible. They have a fully functional free evaluation version: https://www.reaper.fm/download.php

If you want to combine Reason with MPE (and not duplicate and set up multiple synths to "emulate" MPE, which I think is described elsewhere in this thread), I know of two options:
* With Reason 11's new VST Rack Plugin, you may load a Reason rack into any DAW. The downside is that you will lose the Reason mixer and sequencer. So you have basically switched DAW away from Reason. And no Reason synths will work with MPE.
* You may use ReWire to link Reason and Reaper (or any other DAW that support ReWire) together. The downside is that you will have to run two DAWs, and Reason cannot be ReWire master.

I love Reason, and have been using it for a looong time. But I really hope they will step up their hardware support soon. Owning several pieces of useless hardware is quite annoying.


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littlejam wrote:
22 Feb 2020
and what other DAW you may be using to really get a whack at MPE

Yes even GarageBand supports MPE!

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Unbelievable that there are so few people recognizing that milestone in musical instrument development of the role seaboard concept!

From the articulation point of view, that is the step to real play of an instrument! I hope that computer based instruments manufacturers get aware of that extraordinary development.

I'm actually trying to find the corresponding switches in Europe what is said to be MPE conform, but i could not find it til now.
Anyone can give me advise?


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So at this point the following DAWs have full MPE Support. Please don't give me a Reason to leave.

Ableton Live
Bitwig 8-Track & Studio
Cakewalk by Bandlab
Logic Pro X
Open Labs Stagelight
Steinberg Cubase
Tracktion Waveform
zenAud.io ALK

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Post Today

Brings out Friktion - Doesn't support Roli.. Also every other DAW supports multitimbral MIDI. Why on earth in 2020 (and after years of asking) does Reason 'STILL' not support this? Limited to 1 track in Reason with an Access Virus Ti2, countless other systems can't be used to their full potential because of this long-standing limitation.

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