Full MPE support (Roli users unite!)

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Post 27 Nov 2018

Here's a Google Drive with an init patch and some quick sounds in it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BnD-r ... 8H6nN-2sa0

In addition to disabling the dedicated MPE channel, you need to set the number of used channels on your controller to match the number you've put in your rack.

And since we are only almost MPE, you will need to switch your controller to send it's Timbre/Y-axis as Expression, aka CC 11 (for the sake of my patches, though we can also use breath).

Okay, we are not fully MPE. But we also don't get full 5D because release velocity is unavailable. However, what we do have is available per-voice, allowing for some interesting potentials in per-voice distortion and other effects.

For that purpose, the init patch comes with Expression routed to CV1 and Aftertouch routed to CV2.

Additional pre-routings: Expression goes to engine 1 and 2 shape and Aftertouch goes to Filter Cutoff and Drive.

PS. The Init patch isn't meant to sound good :)

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Post 05 Dec 2018

Anybody try this yet? Were my instructions confusing? Should I make a video to explain it?

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Yes, a video explanation would be welcomed! Much appreciated! I’m with you on this one.......a little expressiveness is better than none!

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