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Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 04 Dec 2015

Like JP I want to move my old topic with suggestions from PH forum.
Many things in this list has still relevant for me.
And I wondered - why not place it here?

Major suggestions:
  1. File .reason as .rfl for internal browser.
    All embedded audio (and all patches, why not?) might be accessable from another song and simply imported from it.
  2. Explode audio takes.
    Function for all rows of takes serial expand after record in loop-mode.
    After recording some takes in loop mode, click to "Explode" and all takes expand to one lane each other (linear, in series).
  3. Internal CV to MIDI concept(got it for notes, but still actually for CV automation)
    This device receive any CV signals (as on the back panel picture) and when record button on the sequencer's track is active, all incoming CV signals will record real time into track lanes.
  4. Manual Data Enter option
    Some devices able recognize hi-resolution data otherwise than 0-127 scale of midi standard. It presented in SSL console, in some REs, etc.
    We can fine tune it only through sequencer's "edit mode".
    I suggest that an easier way of sharp entering data for every control - new menu option for mouse right click and dialog with manual data enter.

  5. Rewire Input Machine (REWIRE will discontinued soon)
  6. Round-robin in samplers NN-XT and NN-Nano
    Small switch "Round-robin" for optional serial round selection samples algorithm like in Kontakt and some another samplers. Alternative of "ALT" function.

  7. Saving Remote Override Mapping (got it)
    Saving Remote Override Mapping to text file or remotemap file.
Minor suggestions:
  1. Ability to record performance controls (Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, etc) to dedicated automate lane (like in the old Reason).
  2. Automanage velocity function in the NN-Nano and NN-XT (between all selected zones).
  3. "Bounce to disk" for some clips together.
  4. Choice of channel strip indicator policy - PPM/VU/Peak, like on Master channel.
  5. Change tempo stamp of selected audio clip.
  6. Return of right-side navigator bar in sequencer (optionally). Easy check record status when some channels simultaneously recorded.
  7. Mono button on the Master channel.
  8. MTC Support for MIDI-Out.
  9. Octorex: switch scale of tempo. 1/2x, 1x, 2x
  10. Random velocity for Groove settings (like random timing slider)
  11. Recall last bounce export settings.
  12. Fold/unfold devices/folders list at browser
  13. Naming when import clips
  14. "Create midi event by double click" option
  15. Default channel color
  16. More performance controllers for VST wrapper
  17. Increase CV Resolution Rate
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Post 19 Sep 2021

Many of these are still relevant today years after PUF died.

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ljekio wrote:
04 Dec 2015
Saving Remote Override Mapping- (got it)
Saving Remote Override Mapping to text file or remotemap file.
Can you clarify this one for me? My understanding is that any changes to Remote mapping had to be edited manually in the remote file, via text file. Are you saying that Reason can export a new remotemap file, based on my overrides, without me having to open up a text file to type all of my changes in? This would have a major impact on my process. And further, is there a possibility for a per-patch remote file yet? I.e., Thor patch A has different overrides mapped than Thor patch B but I want my controller to retain and recognize both maps. This has always been my dream for the Combinator, specifically!

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