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Post 22 Jan 2021

pushedbutton wrote:
14 Jan 2021
Well someone's gone and made something called Theoryboard THY333.
Its on kickstarter. They should probably consider sending me a free one as a good will gesture.
Interesting stuff, I can see how a beginner can sound a lot better using this, everything would stay in a certain key. It's similar to our Chords Player, but as cool as that was, I found myself wanting to understand what chords I was using as certain chords can do certain jobs, so drawing them in myself is what I reverted to. Using this Theoryboard really allows you to skip over the theory all together from what I can see, that's cool if that's what people want - and they did raise a ton of money, I just wonder if at some point after using it for some time - as they grow as a musician people might prefer to better understand what notes they are using in regards to musical theory. Thinking of it this way it could almost be a hindrance or similar to a bad habit one might pick up when learning something. I would love a back lit keyboard that showed me the notes in a scale but you can understand pretty quickly which notes to use in a key and have at it. To each their own as they say.

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