Sub-rack device with pages and macro controls

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Post 26 May 2023

Ok so feature request time :

1.Reason is amazing, however the one thing i dislike is midi controller support.
Reason is filled with devices, and new devices keep coming out.
One needs to map the midi controller to each of the devices. Its a never ending task as new devices get added to the rack.

2. Now combinator 2 is basically a hybrid instrument creator with a custom faceplate and everything. So lets treat it as a hybrid instrument creator device not as a grouping device.

3. I suggest bringing back combinator 1 not as a hybrid device but as a grouping device with macro controls. With some changes.
I'll call combinator 1, "sub-rack" device from hereon.
This sub-rack device has pages, and page up, page down buttons. It also has an add page button, and a delete page button.
Four knobs and four buttons are visible on each page. The layout cannot be altered.
Remove all other functions from it except the macros.

So irrespective of whether i have controller maps for other rack devices or not,
I can create a map for this "sub-rack" device.
When i select this device my controller controls the macros on the currently visible page.
Since i have mapping for for page up and down buttons, I can scroll thru pages with the controller and move the visible controls.

4. Combinator 2 can also be grouped to a Sub-rack.
So a hybrid instrument with custom ui can be created, and selected controls of this device can be mapped to the sub-rack macros.

Now lets say, i don't have controller mapping for a new RE,
I add the RE to the rack and simply group to sub-rack.
And quickly map the controls i want to automate to the the subrack device and use the controller to move the macros which move the actual controls and i can record the automation.

Mapping to the macros should be as simple as right click a control on the device, select map to macro submenu->select page number submenu- >select knob1,2,3 or 4 or button 1,2,3 or 4.

So even if the user gets a new controller, all he has to do is create a mapping for sub-rack, and any control on any rack device can be automated quickly.

This is far more useful than to map all the hundreds of controls on hundreds of available devices.

Comments or opinions on this suggestion?

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