Snapshots for sound design

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Post 21 May 2019

Often when I'm designing sounds, I would love to have a quick and informal way of saving some sounds to quickly iterate between different ideas. So I was thinking of a snapshots widget that sit above a device. It would allow you to quickly save a patch without the need to name it.

It would be an optional widget and only visible for the currently selected device, so shouldn't take up too much space in the rack.

Just hit the green "Snapshot" button to make a snapshot

The orange squares are memory slots that have a patch stored. The grey ones are still empty. Click on an orange square to recall the snapshot.

Once you hit the upper limit, the oldest snapshot gets deleted.

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Post 24 May 2019

Just realised the name more commonly used for this feature is "Snapshot" so I rewrote my feature request.

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Post 24 May 2019

recently I bought a newly released RE because it could do this to some extent - "Morpher CV Utility". It's main drawback for this kind of usage is that it supports changes of up to 8 parameters of an instrument (or effect), which is usually close to enough. The more full-featured option would be Zvork's "Volt SL-1 CV Selector" which is awesome but I find it a bit like overkill to include it in my combis just for the ability to save snapshots. Morpher is enough in most cases, but if I need to save more parameters states or want to be able to make snapshots of more than one device at a time, I would use SL-1. Hope that helps :)
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It's a nice idea. I'm always moving too fast to save each iteration of a patch and inevitably lose some good ideas. A bank of snapshots that I could sift through and save later would be a great feature!

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