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Post 09 Jan 2019

I'm sure this has been covered a bunch of times but as I sit here putting all my programs and applications back on after a re-install, a few things come to mind.

Firstly, I have WAY too many REs. Like, it's insane.

Secondly it's a good job I bargained on this and left drive C nice and clear because currently I have to put it all there first and then relocate and symlink later. Choosing this at install would be great.

Thirdly, it'd be great if I could enable or disable REs for sync'ing in my user account. There are so many I just don't use and don't need to see.

Fourthly, we need a better way to view and organise racks. I know there are favourites lists but I'm talking tags, filters. At the very least the ability to alt+click developer names to collapse and expand everything at once.

Just some random thoughts; ones that I'm sure are shared by others out there!

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Post 09 Jan 2019

Definitely comes up plenty.
I did a search for my suggestion and realized I technically posted about it twice almost a year apart, I guess forgetting about my first suggestion :)

First by sub-categories based on common tags

And then adding the option to browse by RE or VST or both (by default)

Having sub-categories and browsing by tags is definitely needed.
And the latter I think would be helpful, because REs and VSTs are two different workflows and capabilities in the Rack. And sometimes you might just want to work with REs on a certain project.

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