The More Cowbell Challenge

Great fun, great prizes! Good luck!
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Post 15 Jul 2019

I just realized that it's Jimmy Fallon on the drums. Never knew.

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Post 15 Jul 2019

This challenge might become a gold mine for copyright lawyers...
If you're in Aachen, come and visit us at the Voidspace. ... Pool's closed due to corona.

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Post 15 Jul 2019

I've just completed my masterpiece but unfortunately it clocks in at a mere 5.9 hours. I refuse to compromise my artistic integrity so I demand that the rules of the competition are changed to match my self-centred universe.

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Post 05 Sep 2019

So I just finished my 8 hour Cowbell masterpiece. It's amazing I tell ya. But now I'm afraid to release it. I mean I can only imagine how many people will try to steal this wonderful piece of work and call it their own. Better keep it to myself just in case.

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