Skrock Music’s Pulse PWM Synth Competition: The Winners!

Great fun, great prizes! Good luck!
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Post 30 Jan 2018

The competition to win Skrock Music's newest device, Pulse PWM Synth, is over!

The jury, composed of Skrock Music and the ReasonTalk staff, elected three winners from ten submissions:


1 - Noplan - Impuls

2 - Fiktion - Acid Trip

3 - bronsoncox - Cave of Waves

(links to those songs at the end of this post)

Congrats to all three of you, you each win a copy of Pulse PWM Synth; Noplan, being the winner, you also win another Skrock Rack Extension of your choice!

It was a great pleasure for us to listen to these songs. Lots of creativity, great mixing talents, and more Simmons SDS drums than you could shake a drumstick at! :D

Also, well done doing such a great job in such a short time, guys. Kudos to all.

7 of you didn't get to be in the top 3, but your songs were rather good too, so we'll post the links here for everyone to listen to. They are listed in alphabetical order:


aburazaru - Pulse Party

Bes - Magic Power

hurricane - Wheeljack

plasticfractal - Skrock Pulse Demo

pullpoti - Only Time Will Tell

SympatheticResonance - The Nice Things

TalosBrun - Pulse Connection

A really big thank you to Skrock Music for organizing this competition. With 11 devices in the shop, they're among the most prolific publishers for the Reason platform. Check out their page in the Shop: ... ck%20Music

One last point: the intro price date has been pushed by one day so that contenders can benefit from the super low intro price. It's only $€19 now, it will be back to $€35 from Feb 1st, so hurry if you want to take advantage of it!

Listen to the songs in the full article here: ... n-winners/

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Congrats to the winners! And to everyone for coming up with such great songs in such little time! What a great retro soundtrack you all have created for everyone to listen to :) And deciding winners sure wasn't easy!

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Yes, I agree it was a tough one :) so many great tracks. Thanks for inspiring me everyone!

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Wohooo. :D

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Congratulations to the winners!

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Post 30 Jan 2018

congrats to the winners, PWM Pulse comes with some very nice patches

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Congrats guys!

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Post 30 Jan 2018

Congrats to the winners! So much good stuff in there!
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Post 31 Jan 2018

Congrats to the winners and all participants. I got Pulse in my collection already. Tectonic is my other synth from Skrock. Both great instruments to tweak for a lifetime!!!!!!!!!! Very inspiring.

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Post 31 Jan 2018

Pulse PWM just got to my rack.

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