So what did you get?

Share, discuss and/or ask for advice about the Black Friday crazy here!
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Post 29 Nov 2018

With the help of MF's 50 bucks and a cybermonday discount code, I ended up getting VSL's Overdrive guitar (the full library) and it is now my favorite guitar instrument holey moley this is good:

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Post 29 Nov 2018

Here's my list:

Parafilter III Sequencer
Noise Engineering Synth Bundle 2

Softube Mutable Instruments Clouds for Softube Modular

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Post 29 Nov 2018

Just a few free RE so far.
I hesitated on ABL3 and it's no longer on sale so... pass until next time.

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Post 01 Dec 2018

well at one point I didn't think I was gonna buy anything then I went a bit daft ...
:puf_bigsmile: :oops:

Kussa Eve mp5
QA Stereo Splitter
RedRock C1-Alpha
Kussa Kratos2

LPanda Kompulsion
LPanda Fritz

NE Synth Bundle1
NE Sinc Iter Vereor'

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Post 01 Dec 2018

The Reason 10 upgrade (coming from 9.5), which comes with the Drum Sequencer.
Jiggery Pokery's Animus Shimmerverb.
Considered getting StringWERK, but decided to go Rent-to-Own instead.
Same for Vecto, though it's not yet available as rent to own, and probably isn't up to them to decide when it will be. I've wanted it for a long time, but never enough for a $100 or $80 hit. $10 x 10 months does suit me for it though. I'll wait for it to be available.
I write acid music in Reason and perform live on a bunch of machines without computers.
Feel free to listen here:

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Post 01 Dec 2018

Got Steerpike. JP's stuff is the best.

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Post 01 Dec 2018

Ostermilk wrote:
28 Nov 2018
I upgraded to the latest Studio One for 50% off @ £62

No RE's this year aside from the free trinkets.
Same here. I was suppose to cut down on DAWs and S1 was suppose to be one of them to cut but at under $70 it was hard to pass up.
The past two years I built up my Reason arsenal and just like everything else I buy I forget about them or don't take the time to learn them. Plus Props has given us some nice freebies.

So what did you get is now vague unless there is a time frame. BF isn't what it use to be since I've gotten better deals in December or the summer.

I got 2 PA plugins for $20, Kickstart plugin. Udemy BOGO free course.

Best deal was yesterday. I had a Waves voucher from the Soundgrid video. I have two machines and most Waves purchases are duplicates. For under $15 I upgraded Waves Gold to Waves+RenMaxx.

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Good Luck!
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Post 05 Dec 2018

I think this a really interesting.

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