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Post 25 Nov 2018

I noticed that I use a lot of Synapse plugins via the subscription. Fat Space went away due to an upgrade, and that is the room reverb in my default template. (They need to fix that, it could have been really bad if I had a deadline or a performance!)

So I started digging into it and all these plugins I love using, like DR-1 and VE-3, were all via subscription.

Yesterday I decided to pull back the subscription to the mid-tier, and got rid of a bunch of rarely-to-never used plugins (2000 EUR worth!) and picked up the Synapse bundle, along with the Modern Legends refill (to support them with a non-sale purchase).

I had subscribed to the Legend before but had somehow not connected with it. The same cannot be said for our second encounter! This thing is bonkers deluxe.

Modern Legends is really nice. Every pad in the refill made it into the favorites lists.

tl;dr - The Synapse Bundle is too good to ignore. I found through the extensive demoing available via subscription that I am dependent on a handful of Synapse plugins. I switched from renting them to owning them and am very happy with the decision, based solely off the value of the Legend and the known utility of the plugins I was already using.

(Crap, does that tl;dr need a tl;dr? :lol: )

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