Displaying a rack device in a pinned floating window (Windows only)

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Post 02 Jul 2024

I've been using Windows more often lately and discovered this recently in Microsoft PowerToys.
There's a feature called Crop and Lock, which lets you crop a window to a selected rectangle that's then pinned above other windows.
By detaching the rack window and cropping it, you can effectively create a VST-style floating window for a rack device. Hitting the close button restores the full rack window.
  • Install Microsoft PowerToys https://aka.ms/getPowertoys
  • Enable the "Crop and Lock" module
  • Detach the rack and press Windows-Control-Shift-R. Use the crosshairs to crop out the desired portion of the rack.
  • Close the cropped window when you want to restore the full rack.
  • Right-clicking does not work within the cropped window.
  • Occasionally, the cropped rectangle is slightly off and needs to be scrolled or re-cropped. Cropping also won't work properly if the rack window is full screen prior to cropping.
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