How to make compositions that sound like they're from a sample?

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Post 29 Jun 2024

By "from a sample" I'm referencing the typical soul, blues or jazz records samples used by hip-hop "producaz".

I've had my own approach to making my tracks sound like they're built from samples. But I'd love to get others' takes.

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Post 29 Jun 2024

This is something I plan to implent in my own music.

I always created loops from everything I made.
You can have loops that start dry (reverb, echo and alike start dry). You can make them wet and sound chopped, where you record a few loops until it has a part that's fully wet, and cut that out. Then you can slice it up and get creative.

You can also split them, and play 1 bar, then silence for 1 bar, then play the second bar (in case of a 2 bar loop).

The possibilities are endless, and super inspiring. You can even create a bridge section from your own composition.

You can make loops from solo, or a few instruments. Or you can take your basic song and cut a section you like for a loop.

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Post 29 Jun 2024

A few times I’ve “created” stuff based off soul or funk samples with the sole purpose of throwing that into the mpc and make a house track with as if it was a real record I’m sampling from.

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Post 29 Jun 2024

Audiomatic Retro Transformer is always handy for adding a little flavour to your sounds. Don't underestimate it. It may look like a toy but it can add some nice subtle imperfections to your instruments - or completely trash them.
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Post 29 Jun 2024

Scream "tape warm" patch under the warmth folder is great for lofi over Saturated kind sound. Crank the speed all the way right and turn on the cut eq and messing around with the 3 bands for a sweet spot then go back to the drive dial and adjust to taste.. had some crackel prior to the scream and it'll sound like the tape effect is baked in.. like artifacts sorta.. so like the transformer first then scream on tape..

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