How to REC Reason Internal Main Mix on a Audio Track?

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Post 17 Nov 2023

Maybe it's the silliest question of the decade,
but I just managed to freeze and crash Reason, trying to
duplicate the Main Mix audio coming from the insert Main FX
and sending it to an audio channel through an input device...
like the Vocoder for example... without managing to record anything...

Audio track out was sent to a muted ghost bus, so in THEORY, no audio feedback
should have happened that could have crashed Reason... :?

I'm obviously not trying to use an external Audio recorder method, like
an Audacity setup with virtual cables, which would be the simplest way
to do it... is it even possible without breaking Reason???

Yesterday I recorded a full track, but I had to record all single channels,
and then I could get the main Mix rec afterwards, with the Bounce...

It's the Main Mix channel the difficult part here, to record it live...
It's the same thing as recording every channel and then get the Bounce mix export,
but with less steps in between basically.

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Post 17 Nov 2023

I managed to record it!

The trick was to enable bus recording, feed a new bus with the main mix insert fx splitted audio,
and the after enabling bus recording, the Audio track could record the full Main Mix!

Sometimes to not look completely stupid, the brain can see things that would otherwise
being concealed to you...

I still do not understand why it was recorded under transport in the seq section...
maybe it wasnt meant to use like that?? But It could be exported as an audio clip in
all its glory!!
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Post 18 Nov 2023

In the Rack View of the Master Section, under the meter on the right hand side there is a little button called REC SOURCE. Click that, then create an audio track, make it stereo, select the master source from the bottom of the list and put that baby in record!
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Post 18 Nov 2023

Also, reset the master fader to 0 and bypass the master inserts if you want to record the signal as it is at the input of the master insert box.

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