sound design vs preset tweakers

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What is your approach to patch design?

I design patches
I tweak existing presets
I rarely or never touch anything (if I don't like a preset, I browse for another)
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Post 04 Sep 2023

mcatalao wrote:
04 Sep 2023
Ichooselife wrote:
04 Sep 2023

these guys are exceptional ones i can think of you would have to go out of reason to find designers like these and i couldn’t compete saying that sometimes you just need simple sounds
You know what the problem is, until 10 years ago or so you had New Atlantis Audio, Jiggry Pokery, GSX audio, and a lot of other designers doing lots of patches for reason.

Then the Rack extensions came along, and instead of doing patches for Reason echosystem, they had do do patches for px7, or patches for revival or patches for this and that, and alot of times, the re's came with 4000 patches along. I gues the search for refills started to fade (i stopped buying because at some point i had so much stuff that i didn't need to get more stuff, and thens started to learn to create my own patches). But something that was somewhat of a vibrand patch market until reason 6 or 7 faded away really quickly. It's a pitty, is still use sounds from Jiggery Pokery, Nucleus Soundlab, Adam Fielding, Tom pritchard, and so on...
i don’t think the big top sound designers are doing patches in reason now tbh mate they go where the money is diva , omnisphere etc ,

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