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JohnnyBee 67
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Post 23 Jun 2023

I really would appreciate some link to videos or some kind of explanation on how to set up Reason 12 to simulate auto punch in/out. I know it doesn't support this function in the real sense, but I've heard that there are methods that can be used to set up automation or other techniques to make it work as auto punch in/out. I upgraded to Reason 12 from 7 last year and when I posed the question about if there was this function in Reason 12 I not only found out that it wasn't supported, but I (unintentionally) managed to start a small war between some of the members: One who has no use for it and voiced a rather strong opinion as to why nobody else should need it either, and others who disagreed. It got too nasty. :cry:

PLEASE!! I don't want to cause a controversy here. I want other users to respect me and MY workflow which includes auto PI/PO. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU USE OR DON'T USE OR DON'T NEED!! That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking for tips on any possible way to SIMULATE an Auto PI/PO in Reason 12. Please! If you can't contribute something constructive to this thread please ignore it. I'd greatly appreciate any tips because I'd like to get more use out of Reason 12 to get my moneys worth. Think me stupid if you will (but I'm not the only one who uses auto punch), but it's important to me. I will ignore any condescending comments. Useful suggestions only, PLEASE.

:puf_smile: Thanks You
Johnny B

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Post 23 Jun 2023

This doesn’t do it? (admittedly it’s ancient…)

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Post 23 Jun 2023

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7503908 might be useful as well.

JohnnyBee 67
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Post 24 Jun 2023

I should've mentioned I need to do the PI/PO for VOCALS (audio tracks). My bad.

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