Trigger envelope based on probability?

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Post 10 Mar 2023

I need some tips on this....

Lets say i have a generative synth patch which keeps making constant blips and bloops i connect it to a gain control, and the gain control is connected to a one shot envelope which is 2 bars long.
So whenever the envelope is triggered it fades in the synth sound and fades it out of the mix within next 2 bars.

However i want to trigger this envelope based on probability, the sound might happen or might not happen. Might happen twice in 4 bars, might not happen for 32 bars....

How do i accomplish this ?

Any ideas on triggering an envelope based on probability?

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Post 10 Mar 2023

This could be done using Drum Sequencer and Sweeper.
- Add one note at the start of a 16-step, 0.5x speed lane in Drum Sequencer with your desired probability.
- Attach the Gate Out CV for that lane to the Trig Envelope input of Sweeper.

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Post 10 Mar 2023

If you don't have drum sequencer you can use free alternative with controlled parameters.
Use Little LFO with waveforms set to noise (not smooth noise) and quite low rate. Little addition would be LFO with low amp setting that is connected to the other LFO's freq CV input to add little more randomness. Then this LFO is connected to the Sweeper Trig envelope input. Sweeper needs to be set to envelope to make it work

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