Garageband MIDI (export) to Reason12 MIDI

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Post 22 Feb 2023


One of my client sent me midi tracks through Garageband software. I was trying to figure out how to export MIDI on Garageband but that's not possible.
I've already searched online, apparently there are some techniques but it doesn't work well (probably because software versions compatibility issues...)

I am not familiar with Garageband but I thought there must be a setup with Reason or ReasonRack that could play & transcribe MIDI notes into the sequencer :?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.
I am on macOS Monterey + Reason 12 (I don't have Logic Pro)

Thank you

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Post 22 Feb 2023

The only real way is to import the GarageBand project into Logic Pro, which you have already said you don't have.

If you are doing this commercially (you said "my client") and if this is going to be a regular occurrence then consider buying Logic Pro. It's an excellent DAW and will expand your compatibility with clients.

If it's a one off and you don't know anyone with Logic then you are somewhat stuck.
Do you need the tracks as MIDI or could you work with them as audio? You can export audio loops from GB and pull them into Reason. You could even try using an external tool to convert the audio to MIDI but don't expect it to work very well!

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Post 26 Feb 2023

A one-time option could be to install the Trial of Logic Pro. During the pandemic Apple offered a fully working 90 days demo. Maybe it is still available.

It’s a bit fiddly if you want to remove the demo afterwards, but with the help from Google you can easily identify the folders.

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