When your MIDI faders start dying... : (

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Post 27 Jul 2022

All good things come to an end, but I don't plan to dig a hole for my good old KORG nanoKONTROL, to throw it in with the rest of the dead bodies. (Kidding! : ) ~ I hope you played S.C.A.R.F.A.C.E. - The World is Yours, to get my tasteless reference. x ) )

Anyway, does anybody know of any good way to resurrect this cheapo, but great MIDI controller's faders? Most likely, dust and lint did its thing.

Otherwise I'll have to dig up that Reason default MIDI mapping file thing, and deactivate the faders for good. It's no fun when they start skipping when moved up or down; or one fader randomly decides to give Reason a signal to jump (for example a mix fader) to its current position.

Some years ago, I decided that I might not get faders again, because knobs seem to be safer from dust/lint, even humidity, and honestly, I prefer them anyway to faders.

Similarly, lol even midi keyboards' keys start to react less. I truly thought they will last forever! x D But at least, the modern ones just need to be taken apart and cleaned (no graphite contact). However, sadly, not even that always works, or lasts long, until a key gets silent again, or less responsive.

Fun fact: when I bought a KORG microKEY 37, I spilled a glass of cola in it, on the first day. : / But it works perfectly to this day! Maybe some cola might help the faders? : ) Okay, no.

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