mredrollo@YT: Stop trying to become a music PRODUCER... (6 mins)

Have an urge to learn, or a calling to teach? Want to share some useful Youtube videos? Do it here!
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Post 15 Jul 2022


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Post 15 Jul 2022

no way, i strive for market leadership in the music sector! my consumer-tailored musical products offer an easily accessible, instantly gratifying experience for the lowest price!

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Post 15 Jul 2022

I'd rather be a successful failed musician than a successful producer 🤣
Each to their own I guess 😉

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Post 15 Jul 2022

A video of a guy talking crap about videos for producer tips showcasing products to 'create juicy new content for their channel' while delivering something very similar with a clickbait title and without showing you any products as a way to create content for their channel.

This video is very produced lol. So many cuts. Funny you become the thing you try to tear down.

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Post 16 Jul 2022

Yea just gave him 6 minutes of my life. Seems like a happy bloke :D

Sure, it's not a bad idea to actually write some music from time to time. But some of us are really interested in the technical side of things as well and consider that a part of the whole music-creating experience.
I can agree though that there are a bit too many "5 tips you need to know, you are bad/stupid if you don't know these"-videos. But, you don't have to click on them :)

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Post 16 Jul 2022

Should I make more music? Yes, I agree.
What about plugins, software updates, and whatnot? I use Subtractor, updated to Reason 12 from 10, mainly because of Mimic, so I guess I don't fall for the marketing BS, and get what I need.
Are the micro-professions impossible to do/learn? More BS! Although you won't have time for your own projects if you write, perform, produce, mix, master for others. In fact, even if they pay well, you'll most likely have to decline a lot of them, because you're just 1 person with only so much time. Doing it all yourself for your personal projects, can also be a fulltime job. But at least you also have full control, and make the music sound exactly how you want. Even so, you can get the help of other engineers to get a different perspective.
As for tutorials? They can be addictive, to the point, that you watch or read them, because you hope that you maybe learn 1 new thing. I only watch what I need help with, and am unsure about. OR what's new to me.

But the main message: less talking/thinking, more creating (finding the right balance between the two) ~ absolutely agreed.

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