Mixing Vocals (done in Reason)

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Post 04 Nov 2021

Hi Y'all

This is a deep look into mixing vocals using a real live one in Reason so you can recognize everything.
I start by running through the thing we want: a vocal that draws the listener in, and then things to avoid.
The bulk of it though is real-time (very few edits) of the main vocal parts being mixed.

For those who know my disdain/loathing/hate-hate-vomit for headphones, you will be interested to know that very little of what was done here in cheap AKG K55s was altered when I finished the rest of the mix in speakers - what you hear in the final preview.


p.s. that image is not me or my studio, that image was applied by HigherHz who is chasing activity and sadly we know that those images bring people in better than real truth.

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