[C2 Tricks] Indicate selected C2 on MIDI Controller

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Post 07 Sep 2021

If you have a MIDI controller with LED pads like e. g. Launchpad you can do a nifty little trick to let a LED pad show you which C2 is currently selected on MIDI track. This might be handy in a live performance situation to immediately check on MIDI controller which combinator is active (has focus).
This has been possible before R12 but you have now up to 32 switches which means to have some free ones to assign to different tasks while e. g. switch 1 - 8 are used as indicators.

Scenario: Launchpad MK2 and 4 combinators
  1. Add remote codec Launchpad MK2 that comes with R12. Combinator buttons 1 - 4 are mapped to the lower left of the Launchpad in the remotemap by default
  2. Add 4 combinators (I refer to c1, c2, c3, c4)
  3. On c1 select Switch 1, on c2 select Switch 2, consecutively etc. You can also remove all switches that are not selected
  4. When you now change MIDI tracks Launchpad will light up the LED pad that corresponds to the selected order position
You can ofc go on with this idea and add more than 4 combinators and change the remotemap so different LED pads and more than 4 switches are mapped.
E. g. for 8 combinators you have to add mappings for 8 buttons in remotemap.

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