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Post 12 Jul 2021

Hi guys. As I am slowly moving everything "Reason" I came to a point where I am looking at how do I utilize outboard effects?

So in a way I am asking you how are you doing it?

In other DAW apps I have something called "External FX" plugin which is nothing more then a patcher tool. I simply load that plugin on a channel and it ask me which audio output and input my hardware FX is connected at? I set it and job done. It works. It's even delay compensated for a roundtrip caused by patching/interfacing.

Now I am trying to do it inside Reason. I am ware there is no "external FX" plugin for a Reason yet.

What I am asking is how do you do it? How do you patch in your compressors and other tools?

If I understand this correctly I will need to create two audio channels in Reason. One will send signal out of Reason and into my hardware FX, and then I need to create other Audio channel which will "accept" processed signal back into Reason. Is that true? Or I am complicating this, there's another way?

What I (in my mind) can not understand is how do I control amount of levels going into my hardware FX? Like how do I patch things in a way I can control signal coming out to my hardware Reverb.

Is there anything to watch for? Any tips or links?

Slightly offtopic but would like to know about this?
Also is there a way that RE (rack extension) can reveal soundcard inputs and outputs? If there's a way for that, then perhaps developing "External FX" plugin would be possible. Where user can select audio interface inputs and outputs and then just load that FX inside a rack. That device should have "ping" tool which would calculate roundtrip delay.

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Post 12 Jul 2021

I think what you're looking for is the Hardware Interface at the top of the rack. Expand it and flip the rack around.

There you will see all the output channels. First two are generally for your main out. The others will be available depending on the amount of outputs your sound card has.

You will need to directly route the output of a mix channel to one of those outputs.
At the same, create an audio track and set it to receive from one your inputs.

I think. I've never worked with outboard effects before.

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Post 15 Jul 2021

Really do wish Reason had something like the "External Audio Effect" that Ableton does. Yes, you can do it by flipping the rack around, but it is so much easier in Ableton, which really encourages experimentation.

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Post 15 Jul 2021

manisnotabird wrote:
15 Jul 2021
Really do wish Reason had something like the "External Audio Effect" that Ableton does. Yes, you can do it by flipping the rack around, but it is so much easier in Ableton, which really encourages experimentation.
True, I also have Ableton Live 10 Suite, and it is so easy to do the trick overthere......

Then again, it is a long time since I used it, because many of the plugins are so freaking good, I do not have the need anymore. Nowadays I use my Lexicon MPX1 patched in digitally with my Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 3rd gen. to supply a reverb in my direct monitor path for recording vocals and guitars and stuff. It is patched in a way that it does not record the reverb, it is only there for monitoring purpose.
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Post 15 Jul 2021

It’s the same in reason but you d0nt need to load a plug-in first. Just flip the rack and choose the input/outs your hardware is connected to for the insert send return. No extra channels needed. Since it’s routed to the insert, you can even move it around using the channel routing options or record the results with bounce to new tracks or bounce in place. Pretty straight forward IMO - make sense?
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Post 15 Jul 2021

deeplink is absolutely correct, you don’t need to open two audio tracks just one. Flip the rack around and choose an output to your audio interface and an input to your audio interface back into Reason and you are set to go. I do this all the time.

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