Advanced Player Stack Splits

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Post 03 Jul 2021

This post is a follow-up to my replies in this thread, you may find useful to read it first.

The .zip file attached to this message contains two examples of what can be done with split Player stacks.

Keyswitches Processor.cmb splits the keyboard between actual notes and keyswitches (Those of Friktion are used here) using a Delta patch including a cascade of If nodes that output some keyswitches to specific Note / Gate output pairs. Next, some of those go through Players like AutoLatch, that can set a specific duration or turn a momentary keyswitch into a toggle, or Note Echo for rhythmic repetition. In Friktion the D#1 keyswitch is velocity sensitive, so you can use the velocity parameter in Note Echo for a nice decreasing or increasing effect.

Tonal Minor Harmony.cmb is an attempt at improving Scales and Chords in the context of the Minor mode in tonal occidental music. This patch splits the keyboard input into an Harmonic Minor part - leftmost part of the keyboard by default, but parts and chords generation are exchangeable - producing chords and a monodic Melodic or Natural Minor part. The appropriate scale is automatically chosen using CMDEquation, Truth and a Sample and Hold from A-Series that form an simple algorithm capable of guessing what is the direction of the current melodic movement.
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