Why does Monotone have a Chorus function

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Post 22 Jun 2021


I've heard that you should mono your bass, to avoid phasing issues.

With the above in mind, why does Monotone have a chorus function?

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Post 22 Jun 2021

To give us a choice and because you can get some great lead sounds out of Monotone, despite it being described as a bass synth. Just crank up those octave knobs.

It's really not necessary to "mono your bass" as long as you check for phase issues when mixing and make sure that most of the bass energy is focussed in the centre of the image.

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Post 22 Jun 2021

Chorus is a fairly traditional effect for bass , which is why it would be there.
In theory you shouldn't be getting phasing issues with it because things don't get out of phrase because they're detuned.
Have you tested your mix in mono?

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Post 22 Jun 2021

because ppl want fat wide bass.
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Post 22 Jun 2021

The mono bass thing is only so newbies don't fuck it up. You can have width in the low end of you know what you're doing.

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Post 17 Jul 2021

Chorus effects usually create stereo imaging, but it doesn't have to. Monotone's Chorus has a spread control, just dial it down to zero. If you have a synth that doesn't have spread control, use the Width control in the mixer instead. Instant mono chorus.
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