Player Device bug? Or working as intended (weirdly)?

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Hello, just wondering if anyone can clear something up for me about the way Player Devices work, especially when stacking multiple devices, which are intended to loop. I think I've found a bug but I wanted to check here first in case it's simply a case of me misunderstanding how they work. I've tried searching for solutions but so far have come up with nothing.

I'm currently using 3 player devices in a chain leading to a synth:
1. PolyStep Sequencer, generating a single held note.
2. Scales & Chords, to adapt that source note into a 4-note chord.
3. Dual Arpeggio, to adapt the chord into an arpeggiated sequence.

I have it set up this way to quickly sketch ideas and have them loop while I work on other elements - I don't want to lay anything down to note clips in the main sequencer yet, or even 'run' the players from the main sequencer clock yet, which makes the bug I found very frustrating as it seems to only occur when the player is running independently of the main sequencer.

The bug: when the PolyStep Sequencer reaches the end of its variation, it restarts from the beginning, this *sometimes* introduces a reset of the subsequent arpeggio pattern (as if stopping where it currently is and starting again from step 1) and unintended notes result from the player devices. Not every time, but often enough to be noticeable. I have the Dual Arpeggio's 'Hold' function OFF because the PolyStep Sequencer is holding the note anyway (and it gave me even more issues when it was on), and I'm running the players through the Polystep's 'Run' button, the main sequencer clock is not running. The single note in the PolyStep has Legato ON, so there shouldn't be any release when the variation loops. As I understand it, this PolyStep pattern I have set up should produce a single held note, indefinitely - just as if I were holding a note on a MIDI keyboard forever, and this held note should then generate a consistent, repeated arpeggio from the subsequent players. BUT, sometimes (not every time, which makes this really hard to replicate to troubleshoot exactly what it is) it appears to exhibit some sort of glitch, the arpeggio pattern will restart from step 1, sometimes with a small audible pause of a step or two, and notes of an unintended pitch will sound instead. Whatever is happening definitely *feels* like a bug.

Do you think this is a bug, or am I just using these player devices 'wrong' and in a manner incompatible with the way they have been designed and coded?

I can almost forgive the 'reset' i.e. if it's in the middle of the arpeggio phrase, restarting from step 1 when the variation loops, but to my mind the PolyStep is still generating a constant, held, single note with legato for the loop - so it seems strange that the subsequent chord and arpeggio pattern should restart like this without a release/attack break.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This *only* happens when the player is running independently. i.e. when the main sequencer clock is not playing, and instead I click 'Run' on the PolyStep sequencer device only. When testing arpeggio loops like this, I have to make sure the step length and the rate of the PolyStep Sequencer match exactly the length of the arpeggio loop I want, so that when it restarts from step 1 again it's doing it at the correct point in the phrase - and even then there's still a noticeable break in the arpeggio when the variation restarts. Whereas when running this chain of player devices from the main sequencer clock, the arpeggio loops seamlessly, even when the PolyStep's step length is set to a value that causes the variation to reset in the middle of the arpeggio pattern.

So, does this mean I should just never run player devices independently? Or is it a bug you think Reason Studios can and should fix? Or is the way Reason is designed tied so strictly to the main sequencer clock that things like this are inevitable?

Curious to hear any tips and thoughts you have on this, thanks!

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