New Tip: Pitch Wheel that doesn't snap back to Zero

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Post 05 Apr 2021

Hey RT, here's a new wiring technique that I've worked out which I think may be quite useful.

Here's the scenario;
Often, it's quite useful to have one knob control the entire pitch of a device. For example, Dr Rex, Kong or a Sampler. The quick way to do this is to combine the instrument and assign a knob to the Pitch Bend.

However, the Pitch Bend - unless in a state of constant automation - will always snap back to zero.

Here's the solution;
Combine the Instrument
Create a Thor (unwired), in the matrix, assign a Thor's Rotary to its CV Out.
On the back of the rack, send that CV Out to CV In on the Combinator.
In the Combinator Programmer, assign the CV In to the Pitch Bend of the Instrument. Assign a Combinator Rotary to the Thor Rotary.

Due to the constant CV flow to pitch bend, controlled by the Combinator Rotary (i.e Thor Rotary), the pitch bend won't snap back to zero.

This is really useful on Devices like Kong, or with Combinator patches where don't feel the need to have sperate Rotaries assigned to both Octave and Semitones.

I hope this works for all as intended, let me know if I've missed something!

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Post 05 Apr 2021

I use this for such tasks: ... generator/

Or ARCUS if you need some extra flavor and are willing to pay some money: ... ser-knobs/
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