Reverb on Vocals Question

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Post 21 Mar 2021

I was wondering if this can be done in Reason 11 Suite? If so, how would I be able to achieve this in Reason 11 Suite?

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Post 21 Mar 2021

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Post 22 Mar 2021

Further to PO's post above, another way that I've been testing out is as follows;

Essentially create an 'Effect Bus'.
1. Create a new bus channel, and place a reverb (or delay etc.) directly in the insert of that bus.
2. To send a track to that reverb/delay, create a parallel channel and route that channel to the bus using the drop down list box.

Using the above method;
- The Level of the Dry and the parallel channels are essentially the Aux Send Amounts.
- You can have unlimited 'Aux Sends', not just 8 as per the Main Mixer.
- To send a signal to multiple 'Sends', just create another parallel channel for each one
- You can quickly send signals to the Aux sends using the drop down list box... no more jumping across to the Main Mixer!

So far its work out pretty well, I feel like my workflow has increased. Particularly because I don't use the Main mixer any more - less screens/controls to worry about.

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