"retroactive" comping with stems

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Post 20 Feb 2021

Today I Learned…

I have two takes of a vocal track.

Or rather, I have two videos of a person singing a piece from which I have extracted the audio.

The two takes are in AIFF files.

Each take has been sung against the same reference track, which even has clicks, so the takes are lined up pretty well.

Each take has strengths and weaknesses, and I would like to consider pieces of each to construct a synthetic whole.

Sounds like a job for comp edit mode, right?

But the only way I have seen/found to use comp edit mode involves recording into Reason.

At first, I didn't see a way to combine two existing/imported audio tracks (stems if you like) into one so that they can be comped.

But it does exist!

Open the first take in comp edit mode and then, it turns out…

You can drag the other take directly into the comp editor!

Who knew? I didn't. Until today.

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Post 21 Feb 2021

integerpoet wrote:
20 Feb 2021
Open the first take in comp edit mode and then, it turns out…
I never used comping anywhere expect in Reason very recently. I am blown away by how intuitive it is and how well everything flowed. Really felt like Props old motto of 'keeping the complicated stuff out of the way.' Just a pleasure to use.

I had no idea you could drag other tracks in while in comp mode, great intuition again, thanks for sharing! :thumbup:

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