Using Reaper for Not-Really Scratching!

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Post 04 Feb 2021

I've been using Reaper to record snippets lately, since Studio One Prime let me down.
In Reaper, you can scrub the playhead around on the audio, as if 'twere a piece of tape. It's a bit laggy if you try to move quickly, but it works.
Furthermore, using your loopback system of choice (JACK, VoiceMeeter, or maybe your interface has this facility built in), you can record the sound of your wild scrubbing into another DAW!
I just tried it with Ableton and it works fine.
It's not quite the soft scratching of our dreams, but it's another source of wonky FSU sounds if that's your jam!

Knowing Reaper, I bet you can customise the playhead to track a jogwheel....

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Post 04 Feb 2021

How is this a Reason tutorial?

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Post 05 Feb 2021

Says, "Tutorials & Techniques". Doesn't say it has to be a Reason tutorial or technique (although of course, Reason can be the DAW you record into.)

Thanks for your cheery message, though!

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