Save InsertFX configuration and other chain of devices

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Hi! Is there any way I could save chain of devices with their Insert FX configuration.


I add Thor. Audio channel is created in mixer. Connect Matrix to it. Then "Combine" Thor and Matrix into combinator. Now I know I can save combinator patch and that chain will be perfectly recalled. What I am asking about is it possible to save FX devices added into "SHOW INSERT FX" slot?

Why is it important for me that FX devices are being added into "INSERT FX" slot? And not just stacked "after" the Thor itself. Because only FX added into INSERT FX are being delay compensated (PDC). For example adding UAD devices "behind" Thor and then combine and save it in Combinator will not align tracks properly as PDC works only within inside INESRT FX slot (after devices are added into combinator). In other words only FX chains which are in INSERT FX slot inside audio channel are being properly compensated.

Which is why I am trying to figure out how to Save chain of devices along with their INSERT FX slot and Audio channel?

I can move Thor inside INSERT FX slot and save it like that but then for some reason whenever i "recall" or "load" that patch, my Thor is always disconnected from channel input.

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Edit: Just saw Loques comment and realized I had completely forgot that you CAN save a mix channel :oops:
My method still works so it can be worth keeping in mind.

Unfortunately no, you cannot save the devices inside a mix channel or an audio track.
However, you can still save your fx chain inside a combinator and then hook that combinator up with your INSERT FX input & output! This will not behave any different than when your fx chain was sitting inside the mix channel / audio track, since the cable routing is the only thing thing that matters :)

In this picture you can see that I've just dragged the cables from the insert fx to a combinator, and my delay compensation is at 2 which it should be.

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Works like a charm...Just drag everything inside the Mix Channel, than save the Mix Channel. If you want to use the Mix Channel setup again, just >>load<< it from a Mix Channel or drop the patch on/in it. Note, that a Mix Channel does not have Note-CV and Gate, so you need to do some tricks for that.

And if i really need PDC, i leave everything outside, since its compensated. TBH, i often forget the exact things, but i can live without to care about too much details in most cases.
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