Vocals are altered after slice edit

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Post 27 Oct 2020

Hello - I am trying to record a rap song at my school with some not so talented rappers, but when I try to slice edit the vocal clips to line up with the beat, the vocals end up with almost a doubling effect. This only happens on the slices that get edited - any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks -

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Post 28 Oct 2020

A couple of thoughts...
1) The first thing I would say you are doing wrong is spending time recording not-so-talented rappers.
2) Some people actually pay money for such doubling effects.

Now that I got that out of my system... does anybody else have some wise cracks to make, or you can somebody actually offer this guy some help?
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Post 28 Oct 2020

Which version of Reason are you on? How many vox tracks are we talking?

Are you able to make a wee video or something to illustrate what you mean?
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Post 28 Oct 2020

After you align/move a slice the audio between the slices have to stretch or squeeze to make it fit, and this stretching could be what is causing it (if I'm understanding your problem).
Select all your rap audio, right click on it, go to the "Stretch and Transpose Type" menu and select "Vocal". Stretching vocals with this type is a lot more transparent and nice!

Hope this helps :)
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Post 28 Oct 2020

Work in Pitch edit. Those algorithms were designed for vocals. Slice edit was designed for drums.

You can also cut the clip in the sequencer and move it around to time align it.
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