Does changing tempo affect the audio quality ? (120bpm to 123bpm)

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Post 23 Jun 2020


Do you have any experiences concerning changing the tempo when project recording is almost done ?
I got Reason file with drum tracks (midi, no problem for changing tempo) I recorded bass track + several electric guitars tracks at 120bpm,
Next step will be recording vocals, but I realized the song sounds better a bit faster ~123bpm
I really don't want to affect the audio quality of the recorded tracks (bass/guitars)

I tried on Reason to just type new tempo "123bpm" then Reason "calculating" for a while.
I listened the results and I could not find any difference or/and no audio damage.

What do you think about it ?
I could read articles online, it seems that it's something common and that artists sometimes doing it but it depends if you also wanna change the pitch and also depend if slower/faster and tempo changing difference. I mean changing from 120bpm to 85bpm must be difficult of course.

I was thinking that maybe I can change the tempo when the song will be bounce during the mastering but I guess it's better to do it now while I am doing the mixing.

Thank you !
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Post 23 Jun 2020

Reson's audio stretch at smaller amounts is very good indeed so for the changes you are looking at, it is not a drama as the fans won't know.

I would recommend getting things like tuning & tempo sorted earlier rather than later to minimize alteration as every change has to do something. The big one I would look to avoid would be vocals as we are so sensitive to vocal alteration.

That said if it is the difference between a hit or not, I'd scrunch the whole thing up at the last second.


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Post 24 Jun 2020

I agree... also that little bpm change should not even be noticeable to anyone or at least to me... yes you need to watch vocals but I doubt any problem will happen with such slight change... lol.. prove me \wrong

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Post 24 Jun 2020

estuary wrote:
23 Jun 2020
I listened the results and I could not find any difference
You answered your own question right there. If it sounds OK, it is OK.

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