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I'm wondering if any Pro Reason users could help me or find a solution to making some Programs in Kong

Here's the situation,I have a Roland MV8800,which is like an MPC,obviously this has pad setups much like Kong,So now i no longer use this for sequencing I intend to fully migrate to Reason but bring over the Drum sounds and stuff I made inside the MV

Now what i want to do is copy over some of the Drumkit setups into a Kong from the MV,I have transfered the Sample data over and assigned the samples and parameters to KongPads no problem.

Now heres the problem,some of the drumkit setups in the MV are spread over several Pad banks(ie Note Ranges in the Same Kit),I have used a Combinator and used several Kongs to create those extra layers,but the issue is with how to change which note numbers are assigned to the Pads 1-16 in a Kong,so I would like for instance Kong 1 to be Pads 1-16 with note region of A0-C2 and then Kong 2 to be pads 17-32 with note range of C*2-F3 and then Kong 3 Pads 33-49 etc etc.

I have given each Kong a key range span in the Combinator Programmer but there is no way of altering the Kongs Note numbers to correspond with the note ranges,I tried transposing each individual Kong in the programmer them but no luck,works ok for the First Kong but...

I did think of just using an NNXT and just assigning the sample to the correct note values how they are laid out in the MV like a traditional Drumkit over a keyboard but I would prefer to use the Kong as it relates to the Pads/Layout

I also did look at using the Buttons on the Combi to switch the Kongs on or off or receive notes dependant on which layer/kong I wanted to play at the time but this won't work if i sequence the Device if I am using samples from various banks at the same time.

Any Idea How I can accomplish this or change the Note Number assignments in a Kong,doesn't matter if i have to use any CV devices so long as I can do it with a Kong,Any Pointers/Solutions would be welcomed!

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Post 13 May 2020

There’s no way of changing Kong pad midi assignments natively. You can likely pull this off with AB Transpose though. It’s Free. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack ... transpose/

Off the top of my head, you could attach one to each Kong and transpose the incoming notes down so that each Kong is still starting at C1, but yet responding to the key ranges that you have set in the combinator

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