New to CV: where to start

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Post 03 May 2020

Long time reason user but never really utilized CV.

What are three beginner techniques that I should try first? Just trying to get my feet wet lol

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Post 03 May 2020

The matrix and the combinator is a good starting point.

Add a device to the combinator and then plug the CV outs of the Matrix into the CV ins of combinator, and then program some parameters in the Combinators Programmer - sequence some notes and play around to hear what CV can do to the sound.

With the matrix you can start to look at the 3 main types of CV messages:
1. Gate
2. Notes
3. CV (Uni/bipolar)

You can run the CV signal through a scope such as ... -analyzer/ CV Analyzer to see what is going on.

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Post 03 May 2020

:reason: 11, Win10 64Bit.

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Post 03 May 2020

Man I miss Hydlide.

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Post 03 May 2020

CV can be used to control movement over time. So think about how you want the sound to evolve and use CV triggers and envelopes to take it there.

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Post 21 May 2020

Hi Mr Star

CV is merely a way to Automate things - turn knobs without using your fingers. Getting the bot to do it for you.

It is easy to get in that confused state of mind but don't let it be that way. Here is the approach I used and still recommend: ... aking-art/

Once you have the basics and have practiced them until you can see in your head what you are doing, you can start to complexificate things with minimal head exploding. This is one explode device: ... s-matters/


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