How to user Reason 11 Polystep Sequencer as VST

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Post 13 Mar 2020

Hi all

I like to use the polystep sequencer as vst in reaper for sequencing massive. I can figure it out how to use it and i didnt found any tutorial how to use the polystep with 3 party sinths.
Can anybody help me please?

Thanks and best Regards

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Post 14 Mar 2020

Wrong forum man. Try the Reaper one.

I don't know how Reaper works but maybe take a step-wise approach. First, control ANY instrument within Reaper with the RRP polystepseq, and you're half-way there. 2nd question is how to use midi in Reaper to control a VST synth. Much easier.

If this, the Reaper forums and videos from other DAWS on youtube doing this won't help, maybe that Reaper guy who sounds like a looped bar of Christopher Walken's voice automation can help.

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Post 14 Mar 2020

I'm not good with reaper and midi, but I can help with the RRP side of things:

Load the RRP on a reaper track, and your vst on another.

On the RRP, you want to load the external instrument device and hook it up to the player. This will output the midi from the RRP to the outside world. Then you need to figure out the way to receive midi from the RRP into the vst track, which I cannot help with, but should be easy to find or you go into the track i/o settingsor just ask at the reaper forums.

Good luck

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Post 15 Mar 2020

In Cubase, when there is a vst in the project that has midi out available, it becomes a selectable midi source for all the other tracks in the project. I imagine Reaper is similar so try loading Reason rack VST with Polystep and a midi out device. Then load Massive on a separate track and look for where it's midi input is selected. You ought to see Reason there. I'm shooting in the dark though as I don't have Reaper or RRP! Good luck.

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Post 15 Mar 2020

Hey all, thanks for your replies.
I have found a solution which is quite simple: Load the Reason Plugin in the first place of the vst chain :)
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