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Post 06 Oct 2019

Hi all...

I was wondering about the blocks function, and if anyone bothers to use it? So far, I haven't touched. It is so easy to just grab portions of a track and (CTL+select) plonk them where you need them, I haven't really seen the need to use blocks...

BUT...I am always up for improving my knowledge of Reason. Am I missing something? I have to confess that I haven't gone through the manual, so maybe there is more to Blocks than I realised. I didn't want to spend time that I could be using studying something else (like the mighty Europa for example) only to find that yep, all blocks does is let you move/copy chunks of a track about.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance...

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Personally I hardly use them but some people like them a lot. Here's an article Sound on Sound did quite a long time ago (like nine years, lol): You might find some useful info in it and I'm sure others will chime in.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

If you create loop-based music, you can:

1.Create one block with the longest loop length
2.Draw that block on the sequencer to the full song length.
3.Draw blanks over the top of the block where you want to mute whatever shouldn't be in the song at that point.
4.(Bonus) copy block 1, paste into block 2 - make a new variation, change sequence with mutes to block 2.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

in addition to the other advice above, one of the best features of Blocks is how it lets you handle time signature and tempo changes per song section (i.e. signature and tempo are always linked to the correct sections).

I agree that moving things around manually in Reason is easy, but if you have projects with a lot of tracks, Blocks makes managing/auditioning song structures a lot easier.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Thanks all....!!

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Blocks are actually pretty cool for electronic music. Lay down blocks and then you can just layer variations on top (or mute parts in block by drawing an empty section without any notes).

I use blocks like this in about every 50th project I do. Usually I use them just for marking and coloring song sections (A, B, Chorus, Verse, etc.)
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Post 07 Oct 2019

I'm pretty dependant on blocks to be honest. I have actual finished songs now and they sound like someone who knows what they were doing has made them.
They're not designed to replace what's happening in the sequencer but they're great for laying down a structure and keeping things organised.
I've been able to make more complex tracks without feeling like I'm getting lost.
If you haven't tried blocks you should.
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