Tips and tricks for moving projects from rewire to VST

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Post 27 Sep 2019

So, having transfered my first track from reason to Studio one with rack VST, I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts/tips.

I start with opening studio one and then put reason 10 in rewire and open the reason track. Make sure you adjust s1 bpm settings.

Exporting midi:

Now, for lanes with automation: as long as you have notes AND automation, you're good. As soon as you have only automation, the track will not be rendered to the midi file, hence losing the automation part. Your best bet would be to put some random notes in there or move the automation to the track that contains notes (alien clip). In the example below the combinator automation will not be imported in your other host.


Once you got the midi, it's time for the patches:
I had every instrument+fx chain placed in a combinator if this wasn't the case yet, then save the patches to disk.
Load VST rack and assign them to the correct midi tracks

For the automation you'll also need some manual labour. You have to look in the midi clip in which midi CC the automation was written, and then copy/paste that to the correct automation parameter. In this example midi CC was 61, so I copy pasted it to thor rotary1.


Last but not least you'll need to find out if you had any mixer settings such as EQ or comp, and recreate those in your other DAW.

Not an entirely painful process, but practice makes perfect I guess

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Post 01 Oct 2019

Yeah, something like this. Except when 99% of the Combinators have a VST in them... The Reason people didn't think about that. :roll: So then you have to recreate EVERY synth/FX chain in the other DAW's chainer utility, piece by piece, and transfer the settings too - one -by-one.... :twisted:
The only response from Reason I have seen about this issue, from dozen of people who have pointed this out is: "We have no plans for it".

So, Reason, I'm ready to hand you $249 for the R11 suite upgrade IF I can get the Rack Plugin with midi out AND keep my VST inside the Rack Plugin too (I.e. transfer of Combinators - very good feature - it really is). MAKE SOME PLANS for it - it will pay off.
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