How to recreate these sounds?

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Simone Lombardo
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Post 25 Aug 2019

Premise: i decided to write this "double" help request in one topic, because it wouldn't make much sense to post two different topics at the same time about the same thing. I hope it's not too much stuff at once.

The first sound I'd like to recreate is the main rhythmic synth immediately at the beginning of this track:

One trick I discovered at first is that I can set the rhythm by creating an envelope (set to loop) in Europa and assigning it to the oscillator(s) level, so that I can set Europa to legato mode and keep one key pressed. But I have no idea how to create the sound itself.

The second one is the kick drum you can hear for the first time just after 0:16 in the track below. I just can't figure out how to get it. I've tried a few times, but always with unsatisfying results. If anyone knows how to recreate it, in Kong or Redrum, please let me know.


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