How do we import a .cmb file?

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Post 13 May 2019

Hummm, how do we "import" a .cmb file?

In fact i maybe over thinking this hole thing.
You see, i got someone who made a vocal processing combination kit.
So i downloaded the thing but how do i set this up?


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Post 13 May 2019

Via the browser, you drag & drop it into your rack. CMB is for a Combinator. If it's an insert FX you usually would want to drop it into the insert effects section of your vocal track.
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Post 13 May 2019

Open the file in your OS file browser, open it from Reason file browser, Drag&Dro it somewhere in Reason sequencer or Rack.

Keep in mind, that a Combinator file contains a set of instruments and/or effects. Depending on how they were cabled while they were saved, they are instrument or fx Combinator patches. FX patches ar dropped preferable after an instrument and you have a Insert FX. For Send FX you should open them or you need to know how to cable it.

A Combinator patch can also be loaded into a Mix Chanel.
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Post 13 May 2019

mac... double click or... drag where u want it in chain, or select in browser
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Post 13 May 2019

Either double click it or open it from reason drag

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