Is there a way for me to make a stepped Ping-Pong delay?

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Post 05 Feb 2019

So I'm trying to re-make a track I did several years ago in a program called Caustic, and one of the features that program had was a delay with a step sequencer, basically allowing you to make a sequence of up to 5 steps and assign the panning for each step. With this, you could create a delay where the first repeat would be panned hard left, the second hard right, the third 50% left, the fourth center, etc. I really liked using this, but I'm struggling to come up with a good way to replicate this in Reason.

Automating parameters or using CV doesn't seem like it would work, since that would affect the panning of all delay lines at any particular instant, and I'm interested in all of the delay lines cascading against/between each other at the same time. Here's a quick link to what I mean. As you can hear, each note plays out the pan sequence regardless of what the next note does, and it creates an interesting effect, where the width of the ping-pong has a kind of movement to it.

Is there some way to accomplish this in Reason? I've thought of using a series of DDL-1 units each playing one step of the sequence, but that would be tedious to tweak, and would require me to plan out exactly how many repeats I want, as well as calculate how much I want it to decay and set all the levels individually. I have access to DDL-1 and The Echo, as well as JPS Steerpike, which is a bit too deep for me to intuitively play around with yet, but I also think it might be able to do what I'm looking for if I just do it the right way.

Any and all advice/questions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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LeSpace is perfect for this. RV7000 has such delays too.

You can use several Delays in 14:4 mixer as send fx, each with different times. Instead of routing them back to Return, route them to a mix channel and you can adjust the panning. Set feedback to lowest. For longer delays send last again to first.
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Did you try Matrix?

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will this work? I didn't check out that link, but from your description this could get the ball rolling. ... T.cmb?dl=0

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