Best way for Sidechain Reverb in Reason 10 with external source and the own sound?

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Post 28 Dec 2018

Hi guys!! How i make a good reverb sidechain effect which i every time the Sound run the reverb down and when sound dissaoear the reverb effect comes again suddenly o very high??? Is better with the sound itself? Or with external source line a kick??
Thanks a lot guys!

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Post 28 Dec 2018

Sounds like you want to have so called "ducking" of the reverb. The Echo has a knob for this and more details can be found in the Reason user manual.
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Post 28 Dec 2018

Here is a quick one with a pre and a post ducking, so you can chose for yourself. Compressor and Reverb can easily be changed by just dragging a different device on it. Oh, and this way works for every other device where you want to have a "ducking".
Please note, if you have access to RV7000MK2 (the blue reverb in Reason), it has a dedicated Gate-Trigger for gating or a audio trigger. It needs to be enabled in the main panel and configured in the sub panel of the Gate.
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Post 05 Jan 2019

I use the parralel out from the back a Channel(the audio source) and run it into a send chain with reverb -> eq -> compressor.

The eq is just to remove low freq on the reverb (under 400hz)
And the compressor should be one with sidechain input (the sidechain input is were you put the parralel out from the source device)

I Can make a tenplate for you later if i didnt explain too good.

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