warm up techiques for singer

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16 May 2018


on occasion, my singer is way off and painfully out of tune - can anyone suggest any warm up training I can pass to him to see if it will sort out his pipes.

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16 May 2018

Tweakheadz (RIP) once gave a good idea that worked for Rich himself very well, who said he really couldn't sing:

Once the singer puts on the headphones and starts singing behind the mic, send the signal through live auto-tuning, and then send that to the headphones. Apparently it helps to improve a lot.

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Does he have a technique? I found that most people can hold a tune as soon as they learn to a) tighten the belly muscles and b) feel that air column properly. Even with hobbyist singers that have some experience I found that many don‘t pay attention to that - but when they do „by accident“ is when they sing well.

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Husky growlers to the leading lady

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