How to setup USB microphone gain ?

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Hi everybody,

I just bought an USB microphone for simplicity ( ... Ar2Y8P8HAQ), and I would like to begin recording with Reason ; I'm must specify that I'm totally newbie in this domain.

The thing is ; I plugged my microphone to the computer, I putted the volume on maximum (in Windows preferences) and then I thought I would be able to manage the gain in Reason... But I couldn't find any way.. Does I need to change it with Windows volume ? It seems weird..

The driver I'm using is ASIO 4 all


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windows volume up ... d-playlist
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Hello jdutheil and welcome to the forum.

Normally you'd have a volume control on a external audio interface that you plugin to your PC. The motherboard audio tends to be crappy and with high latency.
In case you don't have that, then the master volume you set in Reason is dependent on the Windows volume which has to be set explicitely.

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