Props tutorial series returns: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet series & Quick Mix Fix Tricks Series

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Post 23 Feb 2018

Cool. The in-house Propellerhead videos are some of the absolute best music/sound-design tutorial videos out there, and I've been sad their production seems to have slowed down. I'm probably not going to buy any version of Komplete any time soon, but that video still had some interesting and creative ideas I could use. Hope they do advanced sound design tutorials about Europa and Grain (each deserves a whole series, and they could definitely do more about Parsec, too, especially now that it's version 2).

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Post 23 Feb 2018

That must be one beefy machine they're using or I'm hoping they have a new version of Reason with better VST performance. That's a ton of VST instances being used all at once with only 3 bars of DSP usage. My machine chokes on just one instance of Reaktor inside Reason. Also I never thought to route the notes player to chords player to keep things in scale so that was a nice tidbit.

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Post 29 Oct 2018

I've been bumping in to some of these videos on YouTube since I got Reason, now I see them all gathered together here. Thanks for making them Ryan.
I don't know if you've covered this in the acoustic guitar one, I haven't watched that yet, but I'd like a video on matching created drums/bass lines with recorded instruments. Purely selfishly as this would help me when I'm recording my piano/vocals stuff and then trying to figure out how to arrange it well.
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Post 23 Jun 2019

I really miss this series of Reason tutorials. I would love it if Ryan made more of them. These are the best.
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Post 23 Jun 2019

challism wrote:
23 Jun 2019
I really miss this series of Reason tutorials. I would love it if Ryan made more of them. These are the best.
Me too. These funny educational videos are probably the best marketing asset they have. Highly praised even among non-Reason users. Ryan = MVP. I hope they continue to fund him and his writing/directing.
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Post 14 Jul 2020

Recently I came across a couple of lessons and I realized that I did not see several videos when they came out. Great and clear tutorials, thanks Ryan.

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