Compressor V meter In Vs. Out

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Post 18 Jul 2015

Ok :puf_wink: so this one has beem getting me for a while

What dows the In vs. Out mean on Vu meter on the compressor.

E.g Usinf the McDsp Moo comp in the main fx before the selig gain and both levels match up pretty well. The Out Vu signal in the conpressor has processed the final audio chain where as the In is doing more of what is on going and in to the comp. i find the in and out vu readings are just about the same always?
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Post 18 Jul 2015

IN = levels entering the compressor, i.e. before compression.
OUT = levels exiting the compressor, i.e. after compression (and make-up gain).

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Post 18 Jul 2015

Not always. Often after applying compression, you need to bring up the output because the compression has taken a few dBs off the original level.
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